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Ignition Replace & Repair Lynnwood

The typical vehicles that demand ignition services by our experienced mobile locksmiths include the Chevy Cavalier, Ford Focus, Honda Civic & Accord of the years 1998 – 2005.

Most people do not realize a quite typical call for automotive locksmiths is car ignition switch maintenance & repair. Our skilled auto locksmiths will make sure that your ignition has been returned to fantastic working order using our mobile repair or replacement services in Lynnwood, WA. There are several benefits to making use of our mobile ignition switch solutions rather than heading to the car lot or car mechanic shop.

1. Get a better price – You don’t need to tow your car & we are up to 200$ less than auto mechanic shops

2. Save your precious time – Our locksmiths can easily change out nearly all ignitions within One hour of getting to your motor vehicle.

What amount of money does it cost for car ignition switch replacement?

Costs for ignition switch maintenance are determined by a multitude of factors, from how many components need replacing to the car or truck brand name and year. Our objective is always to provide our clients with the best value feasible for our services with impressive pricing for all models and makes. Normally the service are typically in the $150-$350 range, and for a number of the more technical systems can be over 400$. For practically all types of car or truck, we can do better than the dealership’s and auto shop’s prices, occasionally by more than 200$.

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